Theory of Motive Reductions

All essential motive reductions function as reconstructions of the thoughts of another (B) in one’s own mind (A). More simply: A reduces B to his alleged motives when A attempts to know what thoughts had by B conditioned B’s action. These become conceptual, or complete, when expressible such that men can be in a state of common-hearing and thereafter do in a state of common-intending based on the expression. Thus, the essential motive reduction is pragmatic, the conceptual motive reduction rhetorico-coordinative. The primordial motive reduction is also pragmatic, albeit un-self-consciously so – it is whatever comes to the individual mind (A) of another mind (B) without his knowing that it does.

Some preliminary motive reductions:

  1. If it seems to you too good to be true, then it is.
  2. People minimize perceived losses and maximize perceived gains.
    1. People do whatever they can get away with.
    2. People want whatever they can get.
  3. The less of an object there is, the more people have consumed it.
  4. Actions follow from intentions.
    1. If they cared, they’d do something about it.
  5. Imitations follow from observations.
    1. If I do something and someone else repeats it, they likely saw me do it.

Mankind’s Self-Sundering

If we consider human history under the aspect of the Total, the Global, and the Has-Been-Necessary, the conclusion is inevitable – Mankind is slowly killing himself. He has achieved this severally:

  1. Encasement – closing himself off from the pre-given material world through new materialities, technicities (homo faber now wears communicative gloves. Punch a wall and they will explode, electricity igniting his flesh).
  2. Confinement – squaring space geometrically, so that life itself is redoubled everywhere (one does not cook in the office – one works at his computer. The “space” demands a different mode of living, behaving, and thinking. This is so for every space – each confines a certain propriety to itself. Life is infinitely split.)
  3. Dicticity – or what we might call social rationalism, that thought is to be and only be (a) followed from another hierarchically, and thereby dictated by one to another (b) consigned to the implementation of dicta as formulae, moral and mathematical. Thought cannot freely imagine – it is, as in space, geometrically confined. Euclid laughs.
  4. Pro-sublimation – all desire is everywhere oriented towards all that already-is. Can I stop wanting to wear clothes? Perhaps, but would I? That is, unless I dwelt on it the point of near psychosis, would I ever choose otherwise? No, for cultural normalcy (or the “we” internalized in my “I”) keeps me apace with all it has given me. To cease such desire is to become psychotic. I want what the world gives me – and it is good/normal that I do. This is the “pro-” – this is all pro-social, pro-society, pro-“we”. Hereby all other desires are cut off – this is only an application of encasement to itself. Desire has become encased in itself.
  5. Machiavellianism – the above 4 denude freedom of all content but their domination. This domination is the encasement of pro-sublimation, or men seeking to control other men’s desires so none stop the first. Witness the circularity to this – men control others so men need themselves not be controlled. This ouroboros will choke man’s neck and, through encasement and confinement especially, it already has.

Who can imagine when he fears for his life? Who can wonder when his throat might be slit? These gave rise to our world – their liquidation will end it. Go to work. Do your job. Do not think, do not feel. Behave as is right for the place. All else is wrong. Battery cell you are, take what we’ve given you – your charges are nothing to us. As soon as you die, another will take your place.

Calculate the ROI compounded 5 times monthly, discounting for relative inflation. Yes, thicken my portfolio proportionally – I must have enough to buy 4 more land slots to collect rent. Oh, yes, measure them 5′ by 27′ – that’s how much squared? The market interest rate will determine how much I collect. Yes I’m going to the bar, it’s a bit dim no? Ah, well they can’t spend too much on light – power’s running high due to the war in China. Oh yes, the bill? I’ve got enough to cover it – my knitted cozies are selling well on Etsy.

Mind has seemingly run its course – it has begun the sprint before the limp to its final abode.

How can it walk once more, with footsteps beside it in the sand? The answer to this question is the secret of Being, or as Marx calls it, man’s “species-essence.”