3 Pillars of Liberalism

3 pillars of liberalism: progress, majority, resignation. It’s good because it’s new. It’s good because most say so. It’s good because you aren’t.

No one thinks liberally except by thinking at least one of these. He is either liberal in time (progress), in privilege (majority) or in coercion (resignation). Only the most liberal among us admit of all three.

Thus, if someone says, “I believe in progress,” demand that they stop reading, since everything written cannot progress (it is stagnant and conserves the will of the writer – thus Neoconservatives love the classics, thus any classicist, for many liberals, is automatically conservative). If someone says, “I believe in the will of the majority,” demand that they go to a sundown town. If someone says, “I believe in a meritocracy in which everyone does their part for the best of society,” demand that they shut up, since this belief does nothing for society and indicates no merit (they should get to work!)

Liberalism should really be called the philosophy of self-immolation. Liberalism is, in point of fact, a belief in the correctness of torture (if only John Rawls has declared this “fairness,” in and by the just will of the majority). Any liberal who says anything less is either dimly witted, a liar, or both. Indeed – whoever professes liberal should say so with gusto. You want my resignation to your bureaucratic system of obfuscation, where each new form wills another method of confining me to empty pseudo-service – say it loudly and proudly, or say nothing at all!

No political “belief” is anything but inhuman instrumentality. All “politics” really wants a dialogic submission of one to another. This pseudo-dialogue – “it’s good because you aren’t” – is the fattest sham in all human existence. Anyone who declares themselves to have any political label is just this – a pretentious loser, since they are right and you are not. Wherever there is a will to make someone else submit in this way, there is a dehumanization, one man’s use of another as nothing but a puppet for his beliefs.


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