My name’s Shae, though online I’m more well-known by my pseudonym “misteramazing.” I’m currently an undergraduate student in university studying Philosophy, Liberal Arts, and Business Economics. Aside from my work online, I’m an avid cook and absolutely love to read.

My Work

Though I’ve experimented with a number of content styles over the duration of my online presence, at the moment, most of what I produce centers around a project of “social criticism” or “social critique.” In general, I understand these terms to relate a skepticism about the processes which undergird and tie together the social world – work, money, gender and race relations, etc. At the moment, I see my work online as a public project aimed at interrogating the everyday loci where these processes operate. That is, I see it as the means by which social criticism can be performed – without a public exposure of the hidden and the latent, these will only remain as such. I don’t hope to provide absolutely certain, final analyses in this project, however. Rather, I hope merely to expose my temporary, provisional thoughts on topics which strike me as being of public importance.

If this interests you, feel free to stick around!

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