3 Pillars of Conservatism

3 pillars of conservatism: tradition, authority, conformity. It’s good because it’s old. It’s good because I say so. It’s good because you aren’t.

No one thinks conservatively except by thinking at least one of these. He either conserves in time (tradition), in privilege (authority) or in coercion (conformity). Only the most conservative among us admit of all three.

Thus, if anyone says “I believe in tradition,” demand that they say “I believe in things only because they are old.” Likewise, if anyone says “I believe in hierarchy and order,” demand that they say “I believe some should be compelled to do and believe things because others say so.” And again, if anyone says, “I believe in conformity to objective truth,” you must insist they say “I believe some lay prostrate before others and whip themselves for failure to do so, since some have seen the truth and others have not.” 

Conservatism should really be called the philosophy of self-mortification. Conservatism is, in point of fact, a belief in the correctness of torture (if only God has ordained it). Any conservative who says anything less is either dimly witted, a liar, or both. Indeed – whoever professes conservatism should say so with gusto. You want my submission to you – say it loudly and proudly, or say nothing at all!

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